A full service interior design firm and lifestyle collective.

Founded on, and inspired by, the natural landscape and the vagabond spirit of wanderers and travelers.

Camp Martini offers a unique perspective to interior design and brings together the talents of many other artisans and makers, or “campers” to create a design vision all its own, authentic to each individual client. “Let’s Set Up Camp!”

“To have style you have to know who you are.”



Centered around encapsulating the feeling of pure joy.

Integrating a natural landscape and the lifestyle behind it is our mission at Camp Martini. We take pride in finding the parallel amongst design and lifestyle to create the place you will always want to call home.

Camp Martini embraces the fact that sometimes you have to be a bit crazy with dedication to get the best ideas and not compromising your vision to do it. We constantly strive to seek out innovative ideas, viewpoints, processes and technologies so we don’t ever stop being the best.

Furthermore, we understand there is no ‘I’ in team which is why we are steadfast collaborators with the experts of every field to ensure your vision is brought to reality without the compromise of design, functionality or sustainability.

We look forward to connecting with you, for your interior design needs to fulfill the desire for a space to feel more like home. One that will be shared with others, whether it’s après ski cocktails with friends, hosting your favorite holiday soirée or simply taking in the sunrise over coffee with your special one. Whatever you desire, we are excited to adventure together.


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Let's Set Up Camp!

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